About Us

AKMPM (AKM Property Management) is situated primarily in the south/southwest suburbs of the Chicagoland area. We pride ourselves on the services we provide in community association management such as; accounts receivables, accounting, record keeping, building/general maintenance, and consulting services. 
The key to our success is our innovative approach to managing associations and exceeding expectations, which is why AKMPM is the future in property management. We are setting the bar for effective and efficient HOA/Condominium operations for board members and owners.
These critical components help AKMPM ensure that the services we provide to our clients are consistent and of the highest quality:
  • Customer Service
  • Ability to Adapt 
  • Balancing the Homeowner and Business experience 
  • State of the art technology (rmResident App, Resident Web Access, and more)
  • Quality Metrics
We take a holistic approach to managing the business affairs of our clients and communities. We partner with board members by planning goals, promoting their achievements, reviewing and remediating issues, measuring objectives, and taking a proactive approach to resolving association challenges when they arise.
We understand how to bring owners and board members together as a community first, which is why first and foremost, we promote the “Community First” concept to realize greater economies of scale and cooperation from a quality standpoint. Board members and owners all have one commonality - they are owners within the association (neighbors).
We uphold the highest level of customer service and treat owners and customers with the respect, dignity, interest, and personal commitment they deserve.
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