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  • chevron_rightQ. What are view points of the Board, Homeowner and Association Manager?
    Board of Directors Perspective
    • Maintaining the value of the property and a good quality of life for the residential community
    • Governing smoothly
    • Enforces rules
    • Establishing and keeping budget
    Homeowners Perspective
    • Most care a great deal about residences
    • Will want service from manager and decisions from Board that will provide a good quality of life
    • Problems may arise when expectations are too high or not realistic; this can occur when interests are too specialized or unique
    Association Managers Perspective
    • Working in balance with homeowners, board, and realities of management companies business
    • Problem-solver
    • Multi-task oriented
    • Guide and consult with the board of directors to fulfill their duties
    • Execute the decisions, directives, and policies approved by the board of directors
    • General Administration activities (e.g. customer service)
    • Assessment Management
    • Enforcement of governing documents
    • Site Management in conjunction with association governance teams (e.g.Committees, Board, Common Area maintenance)
    • Project Management
Homes Sales
  • chevron_rightQ. How do I download and set up the rmResident app?
    Short Setup Version
    • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone (select blue links)
    • Download the rmResident App
    • Select Setup after downloading
    • Follow the prompts
    • Follow the 3 onboarding screens (company code = AKM)
    • Utilize your existing login details or select Sign Up to create your login details
    • The rmResident email and password can be the same as your association website (if applicable)
    • The account # is required if you have never set up the My Account login - Email Us to request it
    Step 1 
    • Download App using the links above
    Step 2
    • Select Setup if you have not setup the website version already
    • If you already utilize the web page version, simply enter your log credentials, and that's it!
    Step 3
    • Enter the all the details below
    Step 4
    • Validate your account number from your statement and/or communication
    Step 5
    Enter/Confirm the email address that will be utilized
    Step 6
    • Follow the prompts (e.g. Next)
    Step 7
    Enter Company Code = AKM
    Step 8
    Login with your email address and the password you used 
  • chevron_rightQ. What is the rmResident App
    rmResident is a secure, easy-to-use mobile app designed specifically for homeowners/townhomes/condo associations to pay association due/assessments, view payment history, submit work orders (townhomes), etc.
    See "How do I download and set up the rmResident app?"
    Payments Made Easy
    • rmResident users can view transactions, pay rent, and set up auto-pay to streamline future payments.
    Maintenance Requests
    • Townhomes owners can create and view maintenance requests from the app, allowing for quicker responses.
    Quick Account Access
    • Share important payment reminders and alerts directly to residents phones using push notifications.
    Convenient Features
    • Built-in features allow residents to upload photos, view documents, and more from within the app.