rmResident App

Welcome to our rmResident download page. 
Website Browser Setup
  • Please go to/select this www.akmpm.com/myaccount
  • Select Sign Up at the bottom of the of the page
  • Follow the instructions
  • Company Code = AKM
Mobile Device Setup: 
  • Please select the applicable link for your mobile device below 
Setup Step: Maintenance/Work Order requests (Townhomes/Condos Only)
  • Create and view maintenance requests from the app for streamlined communications
  • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone (select blue links)
  • Download the rmResident App
  • Follow the 3 onboarding screens above (company code = AKM)
  • Utilize your existing login details or Sign Up to create your login details
  • The rmResident email and password can be the same as the website
  • The account # above is required to validate and access the online account
  • If you access My Account on your computers browser, it will be the same login/password
  • Repeat process when you have more than one account - use the other account # 

Apple App Store: Select Here
Google Play Store: Select Here