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Welcome to AKMPM Property Management!
We specialize in offering property management services for condominiums and/or townhomes, and homeowner associations. Our objective, for the associations we manage, is to reduce the board of directors stress, work load, and responsibility of managing the association. 
AKMPM (AKM Property Management) is a leader in the association management industry and has succeeded with helping the associations we management, not only succeed at handling their financial and maintenance agendas, but helping to create a connected culture between the board of directors and owners that synergizes and aligns everyone about the operations of their association.
We invite you to learn more about AKMPM by perusing our site to learn about us, our services, and more. 
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Recent News
Illinois Property Tax Code Update - Section 16-160
Posted on Dec 29th, 2022
The Illinois General Assembly has made an amendment to the Illinois Property Tax Code which affects both Condominium Associations and Common Interest Communities.
Website Redesign - AKMPM
Posted on Dec 28th, 2022
We have redesigned our website to provide a better engagement experience for the associations we manage, stakeholders, and new associations who are interested in AKMPM. Please take an opportunity to peruse our new site that will help provide information for all association management inquires/needs.
Selling A House?
If you are the homeowner, attorney, or agent who is selling a house in an association we manage, please select the following link: Selling Disclosure
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AKM Property Management has been a completely transformative experience that the community would not know where we would be without them. We love AKM Property Management!

G. Harley, (Board President)

AKM Property Management (AKMPM) is beyond exceptional and provides an unparalleled personal touch that the board of directors relies on to effectively and efficiently manage our community.

T. Daniels, (Board President)


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AKMPM helps association's put their community's best interests first and seeks to build long-term value for their community, both socially and financially.

Additionally, we can cater our services (e.g., bookkeeping only, full-service) to meet the needs of your association to provide a personal experience where the board of directors and the community are not treated as a number, but with compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence.